Hello! I'm Alyssa...

I have taken up residence at Abstra(kt) Studios in Frisco! Please reach out to me there to schedule your reservations.

Abstra(kt) Studios 4040 Legacy Dr. Suite 101 Frisco, TX 75034 www.abstrakt.studio 972-704-3421

Being your unique self and sharing that with the world is a gift! I love working with my clients to bring out their personality through a perfectly detailed pixie, edgy modern mullet, or anything in between. And, no custom haircut would be the same without the perfect color to compliment it. When working with my guests, I take the time to truly understand who they are and what they want to project to the world. Getting to know my clients, and them getting to know me, brings another level of fulfillment to my chosen craft.

Outside the salon, I love to spend time with my friends dancing the night away under flashing laser lights to the latest dance music. In addition to being a blast, I get inspiration from my fellow ravers with new looks I can create at the salon. At home, my dog, Buddy, and my sweet kitten, Luna, keep me company, as well as entertained.

Sometimes we all feel misunderstood, but collaborating together to share who we are can change how the world perceives us. My mission is to help bring out my clients unique point of view and share their inner beauty with the world.