At Salon Rev we are here to create an oasis where we celebrate teamwork, diversity, and personal growth while serving our community and one another.

We are a professional team of hair artists, driven by education, who aspire to create an unparalleled experience for our clients and the community we serve.


Master Stylist | Colorist | Eufora Regional Trainer

What are you currently working on?I’m really focused on growing my salon right now. Putting together a great team of professionals who motivate each other and are committed to excellent service.

What are you passionate about?My family, hairdressing, education, photography, traveling.

When did you decide to become a stylist?I think I’ve always been a stylist at heart. When I was a kid, I styled my older sister’s hair, and began giving friends and family perms when I was only 13. When I was 22, my hairstylist encouraged me to go to hair school. It was the best thing I could have ever done.

What are your favorite services?Hair color. I enjoy the process of walking my guests through a color consultation. It’s so cool to be able to be creative and give my clients something that is unique to them. 

How do you introduce your clients to color?If they’ve never had color, I usually start them out with something that would enhance their natural color. Either with some subtle highlights or maybe a fresh color close to their natural to help to blend away grey. But I’m always up for more daring color choices if my clients are looking for a complete make-over!



Laura Roberts

Elite Stylist | Colorist | Make-up Artist

Associate StylistWhat are you currently working on? Continuing my education so I can apply my knowledge to the service I provide on my growing clientele.

What are you passionate about?  Family,beauty, art, and music.

What are your favorite services?  I love doing make-up as well as shaping and waxing eyebrows, and up-do styling.

When did you decide to become a stylist? I have been an artist since I was a little girl. I discovered in college that I can express my artistic side through hair and make-up, following in my grandmother’s footsteps. She owned her own salon.