Meet Our Team

Stephani Williams

Founder | Stylist | Colorist | Eufora National Trainer

I have been helping people feel beautiful for 30 years in North Dallas. My mission is to leave every person who sits in my chair feeling empowered and confident.

Emily Sale

Stylist | Colorist

My passion is color! I love working together with my clients to create their dream hair. My favorite part of the experience is when my client lights up after seeing the final results!

Sarah Bensley

Stylist | Colorist

I love to celebrate each guest's natural beauty. Showcasing your best assets doesn't have to be hard or intimidating! I work closely with my guests, showing them simple techniques they can do at home to look amazing between visits.

Alyssa Hicks

Stylist | Colorist

I thrive on personal expression! My ever-changing look really speaks to my role as a stylist. My goal is to bring out each guest's individual style and personality through their image.

Memphis on the sofa_edited_edited.jpg

Memphis Blue

Service Dog | REV Mascot | Good Boy

In addition to being a world-class service dog, I find so much joy in getting to know all of our salon guests! Look for me under my blanket or on a styling chair trying to fit in. I've got a few tricks to share, too! Follow me on Instagram. We can be friends!

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